Friday, January 9, 2015


Well, I actually did it. I signed up for a full marathon. After years (5? 6? 7?) of thinking about it and talking about it, I bit the bullet and signed up for the 2015 Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon! I've run the Cleveland Half Marathon 4 times already. I love the race, so I thought it would be nice for it to be my first full. PLUS I can convince everyone to come cheer for me. Win!

I am thrilled! Excited! Scared! Nervous! Exhilarated!

I don't think it's fully sunk in yet. More emotions to come!

Training starts on Tuesday. Well, technically Monday, but Monday is REST DAY! My favorite day of the week.

I still haven't decided on a training plan. You know, I still have about 6 more days to decide. That's practically forever.

I'm going to be running with this girl.. and it's going to be pretty crazy.

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