Thursday, May 27, 2010


I ran another 3 miles yesterday. I waited practically all day for the weather to cool down. I finally went running when it hit 81 (I think the high was 86??). Surprisingly it didn't feel all that hot. There was even a nice breeze!

Whenever I pass someone up when I'm running, I always try to say hi or smile. I absolutely love it when people smile back! It lifts my spirits, especially if I'm having a hard time on that particular run, and puts me in a better mood for the rest of my run.

I think today I'm going to attend a yoga class and run my 4 miles tomorrow. I've decided that my legs don't like it when I run 3 days in a row, like the schedule calls for. I felt good on my run yesterday, but afterwards I had to stretch stretch STRETCH my legs. They are a little stiff today. I think I COULD run, but it might not be a good idea. (Until I at least get new shoes... which I should have done weeks ago! Sorry, I'm lazy...)

Speaking of stretching, I think the Half Pigeon Pose is my new favorite. It really stretches out your IT band and hammies. Check it out if you don't know it.

Time to do some work! Enjoy the awesome weather outside!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Blank Slate

Hopefully soon this awesome raised garden bed that B built for me will be filled with dirt and ready for VEGGIE PLANTS! Right now all I can do is imagine what I'm going to plant inside of its borders. Tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, green onions, peppers, cucumbers, basil, more tomatoes, carrots, radishes, mmmmm, potatoes! turnips! asparagus! AHH! Think of all the possibilities!! I can't wait! :)

Hot Hot Hot

Phew.. yesterday I ran 4 miles in the blistering heat. Ok, ok.. it was only 81, but that is blistering to me! I live in Cleveland, mind you. I'm used to rain and clouds spoiling my gorgeous days. It was also REALLY humid, so I was probably sweating like a pig, haha. Oink. It was a good run though! Today: 3 miles!

Since I've been running more during the day when there is a lot of traffic, I've been getting more and more nervous when approaching intersections. Seriously, if you're out driving around, please PLEASE watch out for pedestrians! Runners, cyclists, walkers, ANYONE who's not in a car! I fear for my life sometimes. I used to not wait for the walk signal to cross and rely on the presence of cars (no cars go), but lately I've felt unsafe doing that. So I'll stand there and wait my turn, and people will STILL try to drive when I get the walk signal. I've flipped a few people the bird on my runs. I think I'm a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Sideways Jezebel says have a good day (I tried multiple times to rotate it, but this is what you get!)

Monday, May 24, 2010

2 down, 20 left to go!

Yesterday was the end of week 2!! I completed yet another week of training! Although I skipped one day of running and only ran 13 miles instead of 16, I'm still proud of myself. The 4 and 5 mile runs are getting easier, the leg pain is lessening, and all in all, I feel great!

I'll recap my training from last week since my blogging left something to be desired..

Last Monday I went to a kick-ass yoga class. I love going to yoga more and more each time I go, if that's even possible. I always feel energized after class and I can definitely see an improvement from the first class that I went to.

This is the yoga mat that I use, btw. It's purdy. And green. And cushy. And kinda slippery. And purdy..

Tuesday I skipped running. I just wasn't feeling up to it. Wednesday I ran 4 miles and encountered some leg pain so I rested again on Thursday. Friday I ran another 4 miles.

Maybe I wouldn't have so much leg pain if I retired these puppies (disregard the cat..)

Even Jezebel disapproves of these shoes..

Saturday was YOGA again! It was a great class that focused on a lot of hip openers. The instructor heard that there were some runners in the class so he wanted help us out with poses that would stretch out our hips, hammies and legs. It felt awesome. Though, some of the poses HURT and I could barely get into position. I guess that means my muscles are tight and I need to do a lot more stretching on my own.

I was sad to hear that my favorite yoga instructor quit his job and is moving to San Diego to start a yoga studio! NOOOooooooooooo. I'm not sure if I'm more upset because he won't be around or because I'm jealous, haha. Hmmmm... Hey B, wanna quit our jobs and move to CA?

I can't even imagine doing something like that. I'm not spontaneous enough. Plus, Cleveland's got it all! Why move?? I <3 Cleveland.

Oh, almost forgot. I ran 5 miles on Sunday and I felt GREAT during the run! This week I will be running 16 miles, the same schedule as last week.

I'm jealous of her.. I wish I could nap in the window sill. Instead, I'm going to do some work! Have a great day!

Monday, May 17, 2010

End of Week 1!

Phew, I made it! I completed one week of training! After coming to a grinding halt after my 4 mile run on Wednesday, I recuperated with a lot of stretching and a yoga class on Saturday morning. I was able to run 3 miles on Friday and 5 on Sunday. WOOOO! Wow, 15 miles this week!

My legs are still somewhat sore, but I went to yoga tonight and it seems to have helped out. I can definitely tell that I am becoming more flexible and comfortable in the poses. AND I was able to do the wheel pose in class on Saturday! I tried to a few weeks ago and wasn't able to lift myself up off the ground, but now I can bwahaha. Ok, maybe it's not that exciting to you, but it is to me!

I used my new mat again today and still wasn't too pleased with it. I didn't slide around nearly as much as the first time when I did hot yoga, but it was still slippery. I'm thinking it will become stickier the more I use it. If not, it's going to be very frustrating! I'd rather not drop another $30 on a new mat.

SOOOOO B and I FINALLY built our raised garden bed that will house our veggie garden! I'm so excited! It's 12ft long, 4ft wide and 1ft high which is a pretty good sized garden. We're going to plant tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, peppers, and I'm not sure what else. So many options! Lettuce? Carrots? Radishes? What kinds of veggies do you like to plant in your garden?

Last year we had 4 cherry tomato plants and 4 basil plants which were HUGE. We had so much basil we made salads out of it instead of using lettuce. Tasty! I can't wait to expand the garden this year.

In addition to the garden, I also planted a bunch of different herbs in small pots. They've been growing since Easter weekend and are finally showing some height! Let's see.. I planted tarragon, basil, thyme, oregano, rosemary, chives, parsley and cilantro. YUM. I can't wait until I can cook with them! MMM I've been dreaming of fresh pesto, tomato-basil salads, and roasted chicken with freshly picked herbs. Delicious.

More pictures to come, but here's a sneak peak at what the herbs looked like 2 weeks ago. Sorry that they look washed out!

MMMM get in my belleh'! The oregano is taking over the pot!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ouch, My Aching Calves

Today is training day #4 and I already dropped the ball. My calves were extremely painful after my 4 mile run yesterday. I felt great during the run, but as soon as I slowed down, BAM, I could barely walk back to the house! The pain is on the back side of my lower leg. I'm not sure if that's better or worse than pain on my shin.

I've tried various stretches to stretch out my calves and shins, and they seem to be working! For the most part, I'm not experiencing any pain when I'm not using my legs. Just discomfort when I'm walking and steps are difficult. I can't flex my foot up very much. I'm assuming this means the muscles are very tight and a lot of stretching and icing will fix it?!?!? I hope so!

I'd like to run my 3 miles tomorrow since I skipped today, but I probably should just rest some more! UGH.

No, I'm not obsessed with my cats. Why would you think that?

Oh yeah... GO CAVS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm wearing my Witness shirt for good luck. I think B and I should bring our rally towels when we go out to watch the game. We're going to win this, I can feel it!!

C'mon LeBron! Or as my dad calls him.. LeBaron.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Please don't run me over. I have furry, 4-legged children that need me


Hey you! Yeah, you who just rolled through that stop sign and didn't see me running across the street. Thanks! Why don't you get off your phone and pay attention. Don't pedestrians have the right of way? UGH I hate it when I'm running through intersections and drivers are barely cognizant of the fact that pedestrians are crossing the street. From running around the neighborhood, I've learned to be more aware of people who are out and about when I'm driving. It's really scary when you think it's safe to cross and then you realize someone is coming straight towards you! I like to glare at them when I'm crossing in front of them. Yes, you had to stop a little longer at the stop sign, I don't feel sorry for you. I don't want to make it sound like I just dart out in front of cars. Normally it's at an intersection with stop signs all around, I arrive at the intersection before any cars have stopped, start to cross and some asswipe barely pauses and tries to continue through. UGH.


This has been a public service announcement brought to you by Julie. Now here's a list of randomness. Enjoy!

1. Who can resist cute baby bunnies hiding in the tall grass with just their ears visible??
2. I love chocolate.
3. I'm really bad at putting nail polish on my right hand. And my left hand.
4. I take Flintstones Complete vitamins every day. MMM Fred, you are delicious. That sounds wrong..
5. Sometimes I see how many trees I can spit on while running. That also sounds wrong. Hmm.. is there something wrong with me? HEY! It's a fun game! My best record so far is 6/10. It's also hard to compete with the wind. Just sayin'.. you should try it.. But no loogies. I'm a lady, after all!
6. I cook artichokes just as an excuse to eat a lot of butter.
7. I flew over the handlebars on my bike once. Don't worry, I didn't sustain any injuries.
8. I love peanut butter. Creamy. Jif (thanks Krista!)
9. I'm really sad that Sunshine was sent home last night on the Biggest Loser.
10. After my 4 mile run today, I was barely able to walk up the steps to get the mail. Ruh-roh. But I was able to run it in 34 minutes (approximately.. I don't own a stopwatch)!!
11. Frozen peas and mixed veggies are really awesome ice packs.

And now..... bedtime!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

And We Begin!

Yesterday marked 22 weeks before the Towpath Marathon. What does that mean? I officially start training! Yay! The training schedule called for some cross training on Monday, so I went to yoga. I finally bought my own mat! It's a Gaiam 5mm Premium yoga mat and to be honest, I wasn't that happy with it. The yoga class I went to was in the Hot studio, which is about 90 degrees. Needless to say, I was sweating a lot which made the mat very slippery. I had to continually adjust my poses as my hands and feet slid out of position. Maybe I can return it and no one will notice that it was used, haha. Despite the slipperiness, the mat was pretty comfy. It's really thick, but not thick enough to cause you to lose balance. I think it's a good mat if you're not working in a 90 degree room!

Today I ran 3 miles and the schedule for the rest of the week calls for 4 miles on Wednesday, 3 miles on Thursday with a break on Friday, cross training on Saturday, and 5 miles on Sunday. Phew! I'm tired already! My shins have been bothering me again. But not that bad. I'm still convinced that if I get my butt to the store and buy a new pair of shoes, I'll be ok. I think my shoes have around 300 miles on them.

I came up with a few new running routes as my old ones were getting pretty boring. I've had the same 3 mile route since last fall so I don't get too excited to run it these days. I did try to run it in reverse on Saturday which made it more interesting. I ran a longer route in reverse in the winter time, and I actually got lost! Whoops! I like to use to come up with my running routes. It's pretty cool, check it out!

I think switching routes makes the runs much more exciting, not only because of the view, but because of the terrain. If you keep running the same route, your body is going to eventually get used to it and you might not benefit as much. Maaaaaaaaybe. Don't take my word for that. When I run a new route, I feel like I got more of a workout. Placebo effect?

I'm still nervous to train for a marathon. I'm not convinced that I can stick with it, but I'm going to prove myself wrong! Let's see.. things in my life that I have tried and ultimately quit: basketball in 5th grade (quit before our first game), softball in 7th or 8th grade (quit after a couple practices because the coach, my best friend's dad "criticized" my swing. I guess I'll use whatever excuse I can come up with!), track in 11th grade (I actually completed a season but didn't sign up the following year), ice skating, swimming, etc. Ugh, I'm pathetic! Haha.

In other news, my mom said that my butt and legs look more toned from running and yoga. I guess that's another benefit from all of this exercise. Yeahhhhh, that's right. I'm bringing the sexy back! Wait, did I just say that? I apologize for that. No, I don't.

Friday, May 7, 2010


I think I'm in love. Yep. And it's a good feeling. No, I'm not referring to B (though, I hope he doesn't consider this as cheating! :) I'm talking about YOGA!

I've said it before, and I'll say it again.. Yoga is amazing! So far I have attended 3 classes. Each of them were unique, which is a good thing. I thought that because it was the basics class, each class would follow the same format, the same poses, and generally become very boring. That is definitely not the case. Each class introduced new poses, however most of the poses were the same, just in a different order, or speed, etc, so as to not become monotonous.

After 3 classes, it's getting a wee bit easier. Just a little. A lot of the time I have to readjust my poses, or pause because something cramped up, or just take a break because it's an intense workout especially in the heated rooms! And wow do you break out in a sweat. I always feel amazing afterwards. Very energized. And stinky. Sorry, I had to say it.

So yeah. I hope this begins my love affair with Yoga. (I just realized that I keep capitalizing "Yoga" .. ) Our trial week is over but I will be signing up for more classes and purchasing my very own mat! Speaking of mats, who knew there were SO many options?? Sticky mats, long mats, short mats, lightweight, heavyweight, thick, thin, AHH!

I'd like to leave you with this image.. Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


B and I moved into our house last summer. I decided that the yard was lacking in the flower department, so in the fall I planted some tulip bulbs. I wasn't even sure if they would come up, but check them out! The bag of bulbs I bought was only $10 for 40 bulbs which is fairly cheap for tulips, but they turned really out well!

First there were these awesome solid red tulips and red and yellow striped tulips. The striped ones were HUGE. Sorry, I don't have any photos of them open.. whoops!

After those blooms died out, these came up..

The blossoms aren't as big as the red ones, but they are much much taller.

Ahh I love gardening! I also planted some blue poppy anemones which are finally starting to bloom!

I can't wait to plant some impatiens and our veggie garden!

Hi There

So I had every intention of writing an entry yesterday.. and the day before.. the day before that.. etc. Buuuuuut I was busy, OK?? Haha.

At any rate, I looked up marathons and decided to train for the Towpath Marathon in October! I'm excited but also kind of nervous. I didn't sign up yet because I haven't even started to train officially. I've barely been running 10 miles per week!

On the website for the Towpath Marathon there was a training schedule that I will most likely follow. It said to allow 22 weeks for training, which would mean I need to start next Monday! The mileage for the first week is 15 miles, so I plan on running 12 this week. I hope that's not pushing too hard. It also devoted 2 days to cross training, which is perfect since I just started taking Yoga classes!

Yoga. Is. Amazing. I've only been to 2 classes so far, but I already love it. The class I went to was called Power Yoga Basics. I don't really know that much about yoga, but from what I DO know, I think power yoga is supposed to be more intense? Maybe I'm wrong. It was intense, though! Especially for a beginner. I struggled with some of the poses, and a few came easily to me. During the first class, I had to take a short break because my feet cramped up. A lot of the poses focused on the legs and lower half of your body, which was why it was a little difficult. When I run, I still feel a tightness in my calves. The second class was much easier though, so I think it may have actually be helping with my flexibility already! Yay! It's great because I've been going with David.

The weather has been GORGEOUS lately and perfect for running! It's so motivating when it's beautiful outside. I can't use the weather as an excuse not to run! (I hate running in the rain, ugh) The sunshine and breeze gets me excited and I just want to lace up my shoes and run!

Speaking of shoes.. I need new ones. Did I mention that already? Probably. I think mine are at the end of their lifespan. It's sad, really. Poor shoes. They've been through a lot! I'm excited to look for a new pair, though. Any suggestions on running shoes?? I've had my eye on the Nike Lunarglides+, but they have mixed reviews. I went to the store and took a look at them (ooooo, so pretty.. haha). They were REALLY light weight! Much lighter than my current Asics. I'm not sure if that's good or bad, though. I'm still a running newbie when it comes to running gear!

I recently started purchasing technical gear for my runs, specifically shirts. I have 2 UA fitted heat gear shirts that I am absolutely in love with. If you haven't run in technical gear, you must buy some! It's amazing! No more sweaty, sticky cotton shirts that you have to adjust throughout your run (or is that just an issue I have..??) I'm skepical to buy the compression shirts, though. I tried one on in the store and I felt like a sausage, haha.

According to my makeshift training schedule, I need to run 2 miles today. It looks like it's another beautiful day so I'm excited to get out there and go running!

Have a great day everyone!


PS: I love almond butter. The end.