Wednesday, August 4, 2010

In Search of the Bean

Sorry.. this blog post has been sitting around for about 10 days now!

On the day we were going to drive back to good ol' Cleveland from Chicago, B and I decided to go on one last adventure around the city. We actually had plans to go to the Field Museum before we left. I had heard great things about the museum and was really excited to see it. Especially Sue!

Hello there, geese!

After mingling with the geese, we trekked to the L stop, realized we couldn't buy passes at that station, trekked back from whence we came to buy our passes, trekked back to the L, hopped off to wait for a bus, and saw this staring at us..

Wow, creepy!

After about a half hour long wait for the bus, it finally arrived.. destination: Field Museum! I had a blonde moment when the bus came to our stop. B kept nudging me to get up and get off the bus, but I was adamant that it wasn't our stop, even though we were right across from the Field Museum. The bus almost left before we had a chance to hop off, whoops!

Wellllllllll we walked into the museum and immediately left (after getting a teeny tiny glimpse of Sue!) We were hot and hungry and not in the mood to traipse around a museum for hours.

So instead, we went looking for hot dogs .. and the Bean!

Here we are, midway through our journey at the fountain in Grant Park. Pretty sure it's Grant Park.. we had walked miles by then and in the distance it looked like a mirage.

Millennium Park .. I really wanted to run through the water with the little kids! It looked so refreshing and it was SO HOT!

Here I am posing in front of a huge sculpture of a t-rex. It was also in Millennium Park.

There it is!! The BEAN!!!

OOOoooo so shiny.

Tee-hee. (P.S. check out my sweet shirt. Yes, that's Darth Vader pruning a tree. I scored it for free at the Pitchfork Music Festival at the Threadless tent!)

Trying to be all artistic. Did it work??

So we saw the bean, found some hot dogs, high tailed it back to the hotel to get the car, and left Chicago - homeward bound!



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