Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I love the color purple
I'm kinda somewhat obsessed with my cats
I love chocolate
I love taking closeups of flowers
Not sure if I'm any good at it, yet!

I love the sound of crickets at night
My cat plays fetch with beer bottle caps
I hate cold tomatoes
I like to eat cherry tomatoes right off the vine

I don't like cheesecake
Unless it's chocolate cheesecake
Or mocha cheesecake
I hate fruit on my desserts
But I like fruit pie
I hate cake and ice cream together on the same plate
I hate when certain foods touch, like cake and ice cream
Cake should not be cold and soggy!

I love condiments
Especially mustard
And A1 steak sauce
No other steak sauce exists in my eyes
But we're out of A1, sadness

The end.

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