Wednesday, July 21, 2010


So I have officially decided that I am going to postpone all further runs until it cools off in the fall. It's way too hot to run and I'm way too lazy to get up early enough before the sun beats down. I know I know, I have failed at my attempts to train for a full or half marathon. I feel like I just gave up, but I don't have it in me to run in 80-90 degree heat! I'm much more comfortable running in the snow and cold. Maybe I'll train for the Cleveland half or full which is in April?? I'm kind of bummed because I just bought a bunch of new running shorts that I LOOOVE. Stupid Cleveland hot humid summers.

At any rate, B and I went to CHICAGO this past weekend. It. was. AWESOME! We had quite an action packed, fun-filled weekend!

After 6+ hours of driving, we finally arrived! Wow, what a welcoming sight! We were pretty tired of driving at that point! Well, B was tired of driving. I was tired of being the passenger :)

The view from our hotel! I love staying downtown when I visit big cities. It's refreshing and such a change of pace from our suburban lifestyle.

Our first stop of the evening was Harry Caray's at Navy Pier for some adult beverages.

Awwww aren't we adorable? We guzzled our delicious delicious Goose Island beers while we waited to go on an architectural boat tour of Chicago! It was pretty awesome. The boat took us up and down the Chicago river while the tour guide pointed out various architectural aspects of the looming skyscrapers.

I'll post some pictures of the tour later. Leftover tofu stir fry and work are both calling my name right now!

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