Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Phew! It's been a busy summer so far! So busy that I haven't blogged in over a month and I haven't gone running in 2 weeks! (whoops.......... there goes my training schedule!)

I actually had (and still have?) pain in my left calf. It only hurts when I press on it though, is that good or bad?? I thought staying off of it would improve how it felt, and it has, but it hasn't gone completely away.

It didn't stop me from running my very first 10k a few weeks ago, though! I ran in A Most Excellent Race which supported The Achievement Center's Camp Cheerful. What a great cause! Annnnnnnnnnnnd I finished the race in .... 51:49!!!! YESSS how awesome is that!!! Wow was I excited :) B signed up to walk the 5k and I was so proud of him for running part of it!!

Since the race I only ran 4 miles, though. Part of it is due to the calf pain, but the other part is because of this damned heat wave!! What's that all about?? It is waayyy too hot if you're not planning on running at the butt-crack of dawn to beat the heat. Even running in the evening is rough because it takes so long to cool down outside! Sooo I've been doing other things like.. uh.. well not working out, that's for sure!

Here's a photo montage of what you missed...

Wow! Look how huge the plants have gotten since the last picture I posted! Crazy! (It actually looks even CRAZIER now!)

B and I went with a couple friends to CMA's Summer Solstice party. It was a blast! ANNNDDD Dim and Dem Sum was serving FREE tacos. YUM.

MMMM smoothie, I love you.

Hydrangeas are so cool. I love how the color of the blossoms depend on the acidity of the soil. Pretty neat! Not sure how to change it, though.

Baby roma tomatoes! I can't wait to eat you, nom nom nom.

B helped me to organize our spice cabinet! Look how freaking cute those jars are! Hmm.. I'm a little low on garlic powder.. I must remedy that!

Mmmm smooooooooooothie..

I love our roses! They smell AMAZING!

Close up of my beauties.

I think these are gerbera daisies? Something like that. They rock my world.

And there you have it! A quick look into the world of Julie. I'd like to promise that I will be a good blogger and keep up with the posts, but summer is just crazy! AHHH.

B and I are actually going to Chicago on Thursday for the Pitchfork Music Festival. I'm so excited! Although, I'm not sure what I'm more excited for.. the festival or CHICAGO STYLE HOT DOGS AND PIZZA!!! nom nom nom.

Alrighty, I gotta get to work! Have an awesome day!

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