Thursday, June 10, 2010

Is it the weekend yet?

Here's a run down of why today sucks:

Stayed up until 2:30am trying to finish some work, but couldn't figure it out
Still haven't figured it out
My coworkers had to postpone the build until it's working
While watering my plants, I yanked the hose over too far and it flew across the garden and killed 1, maybe 2, bell pepper plants
I have a huge knot in my calf muscle
While icing it, I gave myself frost bite
It's not even Friday

BUTTTTTTTT in about an hour and a half, B and I and a couple friends are going to Ohio City for Be a Nomad! I FINALLY get to try Dim and Den Sum and see what the fuss is all about! They're going to be serving sloppy joe tacos and buffalo sausage. Sounds good to me! There are going to be a bunch of other food carts/trucks there as well. The festivities are put on by Cleveland Public Art.

If you haven't heard of Dim and Den Sum, it's a gourmet food truck that drives around the greater Cleveland area feeding the masses.

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