Wednesday, May 5, 2010


B and I moved into our house last summer. I decided that the yard was lacking in the flower department, so in the fall I planted some tulip bulbs. I wasn't even sure if they would come up, but check them out! The bag of bulbs I bought was only $10 for 40 bulbs which is fairly cheap for tulips, but they turned really out well!

First there were these awesome solid red tulips and red and yellow striped tulips. The striped ones were HUGE. Sorry, I don't have any photos of them open.. whoops!

After those blooms died out, these came up..

The blossoms aren't as big as the red ones, but they are much much taller.

Ahh I love gardening! I also planted some blue poppy anemones which are finally starting to bloom!

I can't wait to plant some impatiens and our veggie garden!

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