Monday, May 24, 2010

2 down, 20 left to go!

Yesterday was the end of week 2!! I completed yet another week of training! Although I skipped one day of running and only ran 13 miles instead of 16, I'm still proud of myself. The 4 and 5 mile runs are getting easier, the leg pain is lessening, and all in all, I feel great!

I'll recap my training from last week since my blogging left something to be desired..

Last Monday I went to a kick-ass yoga class. I love going to yoga more and more each time I go, if that's even possible. I always feel energized after class and I can definitely see an improvement from the first class that I went to.

This is the yoga mat that I use, btw. It's purdy. And green. And cushy. And kinda slippery. And purdy..

Tuesday I skipped running. I just wasn't feeling up to it. Wednesday I ran 4 miles and encountered some leg pain so I rested again on Thursday. Friday I ran another 4 miles.

Maybe I wouldn't have so much leg pain if I retired these puppies (disregard the cat..)

Even Jezebel disapproves of these shoes..

Saturday was YOGA again! It was a great class that focused on a lot of hip openers. The instructor heard that there were some runners in the class so he wanted help us out with poses that would stretch out our hips, hammies and legs. It felt awesome. Though, some of the poses HURT and I could barely get into position. I guess that means my muscles are tight and I need to do a lot more stretching on my own.

I was sad to hear that my favorite yoga instructor quit his job and is moving to San Diego to start a yoga studio! NOOOooooooooooo. I'm not sure if I'm more upset because he won't be around or because I'm jealous, haha. Hmmmm... Hey B, wanna quit our jobs and move to CA?

I can't even imagine doing something like that. I'm not spontaneous enough. Plus, Cleveland's got it all! Why move?? I <3 Cleveland.

Oh, almost forgot. I ran 5 miles on Sunday and I felt GREAT during the run! This week I will be running 16 miles, the same schedule as last week.

I'm jealous of her.. I wish I could nap in the window sill. Instead, I'm going to do some work! Have a great day!

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