Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hot Hot Hot

Phew.. yesterday I ran 4 miles in the blistering heat. Ok, ok.. it was only 81, but that is blistering to me! I live in Cleveland, mind you. I'm used to rain and clouds spoiling my gorgeous days. It was also REALLY humid, so I was probably sweating like a pig, haha. Oink. It was a good run though! Today: 3 miles!

Since I've been running more during the day when there is a lot of traffic, I've been getting more and more nervous when approaching intersections. Seriously, if you're out driving around, please PLEASE watch out for pedestrians! Runners, cyclists, walkers, ANYONE who's not in a car! I fear for my life sometimes. I used to not wait for the walk signal to cross and rely on the presence of cars (no cars go), but lately I've felt unsafe doing that. So I'll stand there and wait my turn, and people will STILL try to drive when I get the walk signal. I've flipped a few people the bird on my runs. I think I'm a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Sideways Jezebel says have a good day (I tried multiple times to rotate it, but this is what you get!)

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